So, hum! hkdave95 Lives!

I am David A. Robertson. In my life I have gone by many names, that people call me to myself. i.e. "Cheesy Chilli Chocci Dave", "Dave" (Incidentally check the 1993 film Dave on Imdb - it is about me). However, I have transcended my name and so would prefer that people address me as Multitudex.

I should at this stage, state that the views photos and other media on this site are in no way associated with my businesses. Except you can see a video of me plugging my businesses from this link.

Something needs to be written in this small gap between the last two sentences making this the last, but one. Done.

Remember: in the round trip of life knowledge and honesty gets you complete! Also that Logic and Reason keep you alive, and Love and Hate let you live. These represent the four trains of thought from which all other thought emanates, in my humble opinion.

Auckland Landscape

This is an Auckland landscape which I took a few years ago when I visited that fair land.

I did get stopped in Customs due to mud on the boots in my luggage, they spotted the mud when they X-Rayed my bag, dig that! The question the Customs officer asked me was, "Did I do hiking?", I replied quite truthfully with, not exactly. I went on to explain that I did walk my dog down a lane at the back of my house where the mud might have come from. Further questioning came along the lines of were there cattle on that lane. I explained further that sometimes I saw cattle on the fields either side, however, never had I seen cattle on the lane. The Customs officer had lost the will to live by this stage and let me on my way with a caution. Even adventures in Customs can be worthy of story telling.

Everything is Awesome which makes for a wonderful way of doing which fuels the need for (no not desire) marmite. Not sure why that is the case. I guess it is because you either love it or hate it. Marmite is real is it not? Often made with the by product of beer, yeast. So it is true what some say, Beer did save the world. Get Yahoo Serious, man!
I did not eat the pigeon to which the feather once belonged. I have though, in the past, eaten pigeon which is a lovely food. I shall likely eat it again. Not that I shall seek it out. All.