This page is about me, David A. Robertson. Long may I continue.

Age -3 months. Being in the womb I had little knowledge of my parents betrothal. Although I was the only one of my Siblings at my parents wedding. My brother was with Baby sitters and my sister was not even a twinkle in anyone's eye. I am told that a hunter jet did a low level fly by which might have caused a stretch in my mind. Good exercise despite me being so young.

October 1965 - This was the month and year that I was born in the old Kings Lynn General hospital in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Good. My Father was stationed at the RAF base in West Raynham with my mother. Just prior to this event I was the only Child of my parents that was present at their wedding, as my brother was being looked after by baby sitters on that fine day. The story goes that a Hunter jet fighter flew over the wedding ceremony at extreme low level at near supersonic speeds. Hmmmmm. Or, more appropriately Boooooom.

Age 10. months old - My brother, mother and Father moved to Australia. I went "round the world". I am trold I landed in Los Angeles which is the only time I have been to that city.

Age 2.years - I went sailing in Australia.

Age 4. My lovely sister was born. Every brother would do well to have a sister, whether, biological or friend.

Age 4 or 5. - My mother was baking a cake. When she brought it out of the oven she tasted some and said it was fowl, or foul. I asked what that word meant, and got an English lesson. It meant chicken and horrible - My mum did not know much about football so that meaning came later.

About Age 5 I was drying myself in the sitting room of the Woolaware road house and it was winter so cold. I remember being naked and I backed up and backed up until there was a slight sizzle of my bottom touching the glass window of the fire place. Ouch, I must have thought and for the next week or two I had to apply ointment and sitting on the toilet was rather painful.

Age 5.5. I had a loose bowl on the way home and it was awful. I remember climbing over a fence and something sliding down my shorts from within my shorts Eeeeewwwe.

Age 6. I wore a balloon on my head in an Easter Parade. What a lovely image that must have made. Thank you mum.

Age 7. We as 5 moved to Singapore, Changi to be specific. I met my first Americans who taught me some swear words and how to fall off my bicycle. Well, at least that all occurred around that time.

Age 7.5. Still in Singapore and met some workmen building around the corner. They had an oil drum and when I looked inside there was a python (coincidentally a programming language) curled up inside. School was interesting around this time as the lessons were all taught in Malay except 1/2 the English lesson. The Malaysian word for book is Buku (love this word).

Age Almost 8. We up and moved to HK. I seem to remember hotels and carbon monoxide and the omnipresent hum from HK itself.

Age 8. I remember sitting an entrance exam to Kennedy Road Junior School, and that my father instilled in me the importance of the exam. I needed to get into this school by all accounts. So I did. Kings Rotten Jelly Sandwiches. KRJS. I began school and was amazed. For religious education, I was asked at one point whether I was Catholic or C of E, I said I did not know. So they put me in C of E. I loved RE. You could draw pictures and everything was so understandable.

Age 8 to 12. Many things happened whilst @ KRJS however, I cannot remember them very well. Except we did play a game called British Bull Dogs, where we rushed at each other from either side of the playground. I expect this is the first time I came into contact with a friend whom reappeared many years later via Facebook, before I removed myself from the platform. I remember playing with my toy cars incessantly and I played with my machines of war, building space ships with Lego. I was most certainly a boy. Distinctly I remember at the age of 12 playing with my cars on the carpet when I suddenly thought it was time to stop playing with my cars and do something else. So I did. I found computer programs.

Age 12. Several things happened during this age. I saw Star Wars, and I began secondary education. What a wrench both of those events had on my life. On the one hand Star Wars caused me to think of "Outer Space" in a whole new way. And secondary school was such a leap from KRJS that it must have left me a bit dazed and confused. Well to tell you the truth I have never been confused despite the best efforts of some to cause this state of mind in me. Being dazed is akin to being dazzled by the amazing world of big school. It is interesting how the myriad of relationships and associations that occur on a daily basis at school develop into long lasting strategic friendships with boomerang ability. In other words they come back to haunt you :). What I mean is that being an international School (Island School HK - the one off Bowen Road now that it has expanded) the allegiances one makes are blown apart on the last day of school and we all disappear to the four corners of the world. Sometimes never to meet again, however, technology allows meetings to occur later on where without it those meetings may never have re-happened.

Age 13. Yes I became a teenager! This year I got my first computer, a truly defining moment. The computer absorbed me and I began my journey into IT. In truth I began computing before that when I started programming them in computer club at Island School. The computer took my mind and trained it in a way that only my mind may be trained. Every person growing up needs training, some more than others. I call it training, rather than an upbringing, because a discipline in life is as useful a skill as any other, and training is a type of discipline or instils a discipline. I think this is the year (might have been when I was 12) that I competed in an inter-school sailing regatta and got a gold medal.

Age 14. I was growing up fast, trying to get into films which had an older rating than which was allowed was about the most rebellious thing I was doing about that time. In those days smoking was allowed in cinemas and people took their babies into the cinema with them (actually that happened quite recently near to where I live now, so not much has changed there, apart from no smoking inside the cinema). Incidentally I did not smoke until many years later. Although I did smoke a packet of menthols when I was 12. A very short lived experience. Back then everyone smoked, except children. Apparently we did not know the harmful effects of smoking on ones body.

Age 15. I was getting older and school was getting harder. The school work was less decipherable, and I remember having about 5 teachers for Maths around that time. Nobody wanted to teach our class. A few disruptive students were drinking at lunchtime and creating a bad vibe during lessons. Every school has them, sometimes they continue into later life as if the playground has been extended into the real world. Well my Mum organised my gradual giving up and I did out of hours maths tutoring. This helped a lot. It pulled me round and I survived the drop out stage. I remember the pressure to succeed being fairly immense. Although nothing like I imagine the HK state schools to have been. Goodness only knows what I would have done had I tried to get into the HK University.

Age 16. My O'Level Overseas syllabus year. Still wondering if everyone was actually alright, my world revolved around School, homework and a group of tight friends. These friends were all different nationalities and we did not have too much of a problem being together in a group. The hardest part about going to a school like Island School was that friends disappeared. No, not hit men and the like taking them out...More, the parents contract changed or came to an end and they left HK for another Asian country or went back to Britain, or another home country. I do not like losing touch with my past, as I am ok with it all and feel that I have no regrets. Nothing I have said or done do I regret. This is the way I am. Sham Shui Po, Golden Shopping Arcade certainly came into the mix. Every Saturday I would trek over to that area and go to this Arcade full of shops dealing in counterfeit software and cloned computer hardware. The hardware was sometimes extended by the engineers to be better than the original, or at least more functional. I learnt how to swap there. I also learned which shops were receptive to my approach and those that were not.

Age 17. A'Levels began. The leap from O'Level Maths to A'Level Maths was giant. Differentiation and Integration - what an incredible understanding to obtain. To calculate the area under a curve and to statistically compute probabilities is fantastic - A way of looking into the future. This year I went to a few Business meetings (ok curries - Yum) during the Accountancy lessons that unfolded, also I was called up in front of the headmaster of Island School. I trembled slightly as I stood before Mr Jonty Driver the Principal and person of greatness that he was. He told me something that I have treasured all my life so far. I was the most improved student in the lower 6th. I have in the past made flippant comments such as I must have been pretty low down the evolutionary chain previously to have managed to improve so much. I did not feel improved, however, my results must have indicated that this was the case. So, I was not in trouble as I stood before him. I thought that was the nicest thing Island School had ever recognised me for. Well one day I shall return, as new and as ready as when I first knew myself age 4.

Age 18. A'levels continued for me. And I studied my way through the year. I was learning loads as Maths, Economics and Accountancy flowed through my veins. In fact we did the Accountancy O'level, and A'Level in one year each. I am not saying it was easy, however, the workload was structured differently so as to allow for an easy learning experience. We even had business lunches at curry houses (not so many that you would notice) to prepare us for the world of business. I did Rollerskating for Physical Education this year, and Volleyball. To roller skate we had to, as a class, travel to another location where there was a rollerskating rink inside a building complex. Apart from the exams that I had to sit nothing of huge memorable significance occurred. I shall certainly relate anything I remember as time passes.

Age 19. A fellow called Bashkar had come to our school in HK the year before and given us a talk about a University called UEA in Norwich. He impressed me. Coming all the way from the UK to talk to us. I did not even think of the fact that it was his job and that he was likely getting paid to do so. I applied through University Clearing to three Universities Stirling, Bangor and UEA, if my memory serves me. So I chose UEA after they made me an offer. It was the most sensible option being closer to my parental home. A lot of people go far away from their parental home for very good reasons, others decide to remain close, again for the reasons being good. I started University. This was the Orwellian 1984. Was our country turning into North Korea? I do not think so. I lived in a place called Fifers lane (in Horsham St Faith) during my first year at University, which was a series of H blocks left over from an old RAF barracks. There was a network of tunnels that connected the blocks and there once (to my knowledge) was a party in one which had no mishap I hasten to say. A degree in accountancy, exciting? Well I chose the UEA as a place to go because it was possible to do the equivalent of an Accountancy and Computer Science combined degree in 3 years instead of 4. I did wonder whether University life was a reward for good behavior, as life at University was absolutely brilliant. Being a student was one of the best times of my life. The things we had to do to get through the day, the number of friends and allegiances one made making one rich beyond belief. What an age to be alive. During this summer I worked for a company called Tricodent Ltd in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. They paid £1 per hour and expenses to live in a B&B.

Age 20. I made it into the 2nd year at University. An achievement, since not everybody passed the 1st year exams and coursework, and resitting in the summer does not always help. The work was becoming more serious, and our social antics became more bizarre. Alcohol fueled conversations, nonsense, and all this time I recorded the events on my trusty camera. We, myself and two fellow students lived in Magdalen Road in Norwich. What a wonderful year. I had many friends, I was rich. I remember one event which I should relate. During the first year we were allowed breakfast as part of our accommodation package. When I moved to Magdalen Road, along with one of the occupants of our house I continued to frequent the breakfast room on the way to University. Never-the-less I was knocked off my motorcycle (not badly - could of been worse) after having breakfast one morning. Needless to say, I stopped this behavior double quick. The rest of my year at Magdalen Road was just as eventful, and I shall try and fill you in as time goes by. I worked my Summer at Tricodent again, and they had moved to Burgess Hill, West Sussex at this point. Same sort of pay and same sort of expenses. I think it was at this time that I might have stayed in a B&B run by Monks in Haywards Heath. It was a very good experience as you might imagine and I was given a tour of their world which was very organic, however, not for me. There was a particular quiet monk who would bring me my breakfast for the week that I was there. I always tried to engage him in conversation and he was, I thought, quite shy because he never really took up the offer of an inquisitive chat. I later learned that he had taken a vow of silence and he was not to speak at all. I was slightly mortified as he had spoken to me. It was this year that me and my best mate from University Andy DS Roberts, went to Loret De Mar on the Costa Brava's in Spain.

Age 21. Well, what an interesting year this was. My final year at the University of East Anglia, first time round. You might be wondering what I had learnt by this time. Well, I had learned to like the UEA, and the myriad of workings at this establishment. I also had learned to have a healthy respect for Norwich, and Norfolk, my birth County; I was likely conceived in this place also. I had learned some double entry accounting techniques, and gained some insight into the other methodologies of Accountancy. I had begun to understand the VAX mainframe computer, as opposed to the micro computers (I had an 8088 processor based computer running DOS). My command of the English language continues to grow from the O-Levels in English Literature and Language that has stood me in good stead all these years. Although the language structure that I choose to write using, may also be influenced by my coding abilities. I liken the code within my sentences to William Shakespeare's, with a wit to match. My spelling is not improving with age :). After University in 1987, myself and Andy DS Roberts headed for Europe on an adventure of Epic proportions. 10 Countries, 10k, £400 and one heck of a lot of Cheese and Tomato Baps and pavement Brews.

Age 22. I began work in Lee, South East London for an Engineering company called Tricomed Ltd. I started off living with Malcolm and his wife (cannot remember where), then I went on to live in Eltham with some friends of a fellow called Malcolm, one of the Directors of Tricomed Ltd. They had a small baby whom was growing fast on account of all the milk it consumed. I remember playing my music quietly and not making my bed and being a biker (albeit only on a GS125 Suzuki, as opposed to something larger and more street). We got on well as I was quite a respectful person. Later on I went to live in Mottingham above a motorcycle shop. I shared with a few other people. A Dutch woman and an Irish fellow. They were a couple, and the Irishman like to go to the pub and drink 3 or so pints, then drive back to the place we lived and as he approached the 90 degree right hander into the car park he would pull a hand brake turn and not very successfully bring the car to a stop. Another rather odd event that occurred there was that I got up one morning to go to work and I had to rush because I had overslept. I got on my motorcycle (I had upgraded to a CB550 four SOHC, by then) and headed to work. As I went along the road I realised that my head was rather cool I reached up and touched it finding that I did not have a helmet on. I, needless to say, went back and got my helmet then proceeded to work as normal.

Age 23. By this time I was making friends of friends of other University Graduates and not who I socialised with. This involved visiting pubs, many many pubs. I remember some things and not others for reasons possibly associated with alcohol. I do not advocate the drinking that I did in my youth, as many hours of productivity were lost. However, the peer group I belonged to required that we drink. I remember many parties in Romford. One event which comes to mind took place @ the Brixton Academy, a well used venue for intimate gigs. i.e .it was not a stadium. We saw Stiff Little Fingers last ever gig. Although as it turns out it was not their last ever gig. After the gig we walked back from Brixton to Mottingham (or did we get a train or bus to a party then walk home) whichever, it was miles and we did not stay long at the party as it was a slightly different crowd to Stiff Little Fingers followers. I believe that all was well in the morning although the couches were a bit utilised and as much bedding as possible was found to keep my guests warm, which was not a lot.

Age 24. I was preparing for being 25. I was working down in Horsham, West Sussex by now trying my hand at Computer Support. I became quite good a figuring out the customer problem over the phone and finding an answer to what seems like a barrage of impossible questions. I lived in a place called Godalming for a few months near an Ambulance station, and a pub called the Ram, which sold Cider. Hand grenades and Volcanoes featured. After a few months of driving down the A281 to Horsham I decided I did not wish to pay any more rent. So I bought the Van with the accordion roof. Likened by one friend to a Time machine. The roof used to go up of it's own accord when driving along the road, motorways usually. Quite disconcerting.

I really quite liked living in a van for the freedom it afforded. Although I had to do curcuit training twice per week because afterwards I could have a shower. Many adventures were had in Van. Much laughter and fun. With the money I saved in rent and the money I sold the Van for I put down half of a deposit on a house in Croydon, sharing with one of my cousin's. Well that was it I was on the Housing ladder. I hoped that no snakes were lurking in the shadows.
My 25th Birthday was a doozy. The only girl to turn up was my sister (Oh! I seem to remember Susan O'Neal) and it was a Toga party. I remember several things. Susan gave me a T-Shirt which I proceeded to try and put on with my head through the arm holes, this procedure took me about 10 minutes. Drinking tequila through my nose, accidentally. I wrestled with my Sister's then boyfriend called Paul. He quite distinctly said Knacker time you c***t. Which is why I stopped wrestling him. Besides my Toga was not staying on properly. My friends came back from the pub to complain about the lack of girls then proceeded to get into their sleeping bags before midnight. Noooooooooo! Party Time...Any how. I woke up the next morning wearing another persons trousers, my watch on the wrong wrist and I could not walk properly due to my leg not working. I remember limping to the shops to get some milk and knocked on the door of my sisters Camper Van on the way past, I think she responded :). From that moment on I could not quite remember anything else. Except...Nope nothing seems to come to mind. Well more to the point I think that the rest of the time in London is rather difficult to place the age at which it all happened. I have the stories, just not the ages. I shall try and recount, so please do not be disgruntled in case I do not get the circa's right.

After I was 25, I headed towards 26. I remember working, going to a pub called "The Brickmakers", "The Orchards" and possibly one or two others. I also remember a brilliant café around the corner from our (Mine and my cousin, Nicholas) house. We used to go over around 2:45 before the 3pm close on Saturday to get an extra large portion because of their over stock. I remember having a motorcycle, a VFR 750. This one is the last year of the ones which had a double sided swing arm. We sometimes played pool against the locals, and hardly ever won :) The Orchards was a big pub and reminds me of the Queen Vic in Eastenders. I had a car and a Motorcycle. And you might have called me Riley (a song comes to mind, although the remnants of this memory do not let me write the name of the band), as one could think I was living the life of such. I worked hard and played hard. Well, drank plenty anyway. So I was doing my job as a young person. One could not call me a Yuppie. OK, so you could try however it would not be true.

27 was one year before the age of 28 (which incidentally is year one in Kaballah). So 27 I found myself less employed than I was prior to that time and looking for work. I could not find any. Then some fellow I knew, one Robin signaled me from Hong Kong to say come to that foreign land and work for his boss, with him as team lead. Well, it was like going home. I had spent 12 years growing up there so going home it was. Much might be gained from explaining that it was an excellent position. I worked 6 days per week, lived on an idyllic Island called Lamma and kind of partied for what seemed a whole year. It tired me out and I returned home after that year a shadow of my former self. My hair was longer than when I had gone to HK, and I had not washed it for the whole year. It did not dread and when combed was shiny and curly.

28 years old. I returned to England and remember walking mostly bare foot from Tooting to Purley. I was trying to get to Brighton and did not have any English money with which to get public transport. At one point I stopped at a shop selling aquariums and asked for a glass of water. They gave me a pint of water, and as I drank it I noticed small bits floating in the glass and imagined that they had scooped the pint from one of the tanks. Eventually I rang my then girlfriend (whom I shall call Angel) and she and her friends boyfriend drove over from Mile End to pick me up from Purley Train station. I noticed all the speed cameras on the way home, thinking that they had appeared out of nowhere since I had gone to Hong Kong in 1992. More happened on that walk, some of which I can describe if quizzed, although it might not be necessary to write here. Whenever I see the Kings And Queens of Purley I remember my journey through their turf. I can remember only one occasion for seeing them, however, where and when I shall not say.

29 Year's old was when I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia by one Dr Gallagher, a nice Scottish lady. I have been working with the NHS ever since to provide Therapy for this diagnosed condition. It was interesting the stories I was told in order for me to agree to start taking medication by the CPNs. I think they were trying to scare me into taking the medication with what they related to me. Whatever the talk it was me who made the life choice to start taking the medication and started to gain weight. Later, on this page I shall explain how things and my diagnosis has changed. This year I started smoking tobacco. Although, I don't think I worked out how to smoke properly in all the years that I did. A lot happened this year which I am not going to discuss in detail. Me and Angel has some troubles, despite being together quite a lot. I was unemployed which did not do me much good. So, I applied for some work in both the job centre and with some agencies. The job agencies came through with some work in London @ British Rail Projects on Eversholt Street, London Borough of Camden. I have a distinct memory of one day signing in through security as a contractor for Computer People, and thinking at the time that as a computer programmer, I might just fit that description all to well. Euston Station to all intents and purposes. Adventure land had nothing on this area. Pink Tanks driving down from Camden. Pubs. Arm Wrestling. Squash courts. Gyms. People everywhere. A wine bar called Smithies - Highly recommended if you can find it. Loads of road works. Great people to work with. Many negotiations. Such intensity. Luckily I was on Clozapine and every thing was slowed down so I could absorb it all. I appeared slow to react at work, which might be true. However, the speed of my thoughts was beginning to astound me. I know why that effect occurs now. My secret. Some know, let us just say I have not met these people yet. I shall some day and I shall rejoice. Crikey that glass of Italian Red is causing me to spill the beans.

30 Years old, I was starting to rebuild my life which was left in tatters a bit by my psychosis and the efforts I went to, to control it. Psychosis, I shall describe, as one of those bucking broncos and one's intention not to fall off is really hard to maintain. I shall explain, that at the time of writing this - 28.8.17 23:16 - I have learned to control the Psychosis within, and that which may yet find it's way into my mind. I also use anti-psychotic medication which helps quite a bit. Sometimes (in my opinion) people do not like certain words being written or talked about in a normal manner, as though they should be locked away in a book that only a certain type of person should read. As with the word Psychosis a Doctor should only read such words. Surely if one has a delicate constitution certain words should be avoided, and some when directed in a particular way can be hurtful. Words written and voiced are a powerful medium, and when used in teaching of a positive nature may be remembered for longer than a physical attack. Words span more than lifetimes. So I digress as is my bent. I had broken up with Angel by this time :-(. I was living in Leytonstone for part of this time and visiting a hospital over that way with a return trip back to Beccles on my Red Suzuki GS400 every two weeks to see the Scottish Dr Gallagher, a kind woman who I believe long since retired. I remember several things from my stay in Leytonstone. My Reliant Robin had to be scrapped I paid £50 to have it towed, whereas a vehicle with more metal would have received £50. I played squash around the corner. I remember more which shall not be mentioned here, I thought an awful lot and observed interactions between people. This was a place rich for me to gain understanding, and I did.

31 Next, I moved back to Croydon about this time to again live with a male cousin. By this time I was working in Radlett and either 1. Commuted to work on the Thames Link, or 2. Rode up the A5 to work on my Trusty Honda XL250. I was on Clozapine in these years a powerful 60s wonder drug for treating psychosis. It had plenty of side affects, including the possibility of reducing the white blood cell count in one's body causing an immune system deficiency. So once per month I went for a blood test. Played havoc with my going away and planning as I needed to get the test done during the week and in work hours. So I did that for about 6 or so years. Anyway, I am in Croydon living with Cousin. I had purchased the XL 250 from a bike shop just down the road. I was looking at another trail bike as well a 350 something, cannot remember the exact make, might have been a European foreign bike. However, something was not quite right with the suspension so I did not get that one, favouring the XL 250 instead.

32. Humph. Still in Croydon but thinking of selling up 19 Exeter Road with my cousin the owner of the other half of the house. We sold for just a bit more than we purchased for, the same house sold for more than twice that a couple of years later as far as I could find out. We were property moguls !not :). Much has been learned from my owning of property. lodgers good and bad. I was still commuting to Radlett and wanted to make a move in that direction to be closer to my work place. The commute was either by Thameslink, or XL250. Despite the dangers of the Cross London run, I preferred the M/c. Not much to report from this time as I cannot remember much except Clozapine and blood tests and absolutely no dreams. I seemed to be numb to the world around me and not much interested in anything except computers and earning a crust.

33. I was not bothered by much. I was, however, observant and hard working as I wound my way through life. I was not unemotional or non empathic just not really very interested. Being not bothered became a way of life. I was polite and kind and hard working as I waited. Waited for what? Time passed, many things happened as I lived the life I was meant to. I had a good job with a decent enough rate of pay and lived in a duplex maisonette with a reducing mortgage.

34. In 1999, I was more concerned about the millennium bug than most things. The millennium bug was a coding error that had crept into the many date algorithms in the many programs that ran things on planet earth. I went to Farnham, I think that was where I went, to sit with a PhD Dr with a coding analysis tool that could find this sort of error. The fellow I worked with for a few days was awfully clever and great to talk to and we got on well while we worked on this job. I ascertained that to become a PhD Dr one needed to be pretty clever, although not expected to work in the field in which one got one's qualification. This concerned me a bit as one goes to an awful lot of trouble to be interested in what one studies to not work in the same field. I suppose people might wonder why I am not an Accountant when my first degree was Accountancy. Well I took all the computing modules I could to the exclusion of those modules which would have exempted me from some of the exams which would have made me an Accountant. So, half way through the course I had decided against being an Accountant. Computers, and computer programming is what I wanted to do. Also there is someone else I know (more people that I do not know, also I am sure) one Rod Eddington of Cathay Pacific and British Airways fame. I must have been impressed when I met him before any of this fame (Circa < 1982) to find out he was a Nuclear Physicist, and an Australian to boot.

David - Cronulla - Australia

David in Boat

David - A Monkey in Malaysia

David - White Shirt

I am the one waving