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The Coffee Morning

11 February 2017
The Coffee Morning

KC and the Sunshine Band Hall, resist the call.

These are good places to,

Talk with the elders,

Communicating and talking,

Without heat, But with

Coffee, Tea is also offered and,

cake with Cherries is available,

Three men sit away on one table,

Women and two men sit on another table talking,

The Three, two English and one man from Wales,

Talk of the Army of which one Englishman knew of, but never was in.

Also much Rugby talk for the 6 Nations,

The ex-undertaker winked and smiled as I stood to leave.

I opened the door for the older Welshman,

And exited the hall after him,

I drank tea this coffee morning, and ate cake,

I also had a cream custard biscuit,

No sign of the murmur on the journey home.

David A. Robertson 16.02.2017


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