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The Alien in the mirror

05 April 2017
The Alien in the mirror

A very short explanation, or story.

I see myself by occasionally looking in the mirror. Once I looked in the mirror and saw an alien. Well, an alien’s brain to be more specific. The mirror had steamed up so much as to cause this illusion. I see myself also as a rather overweight Norfolk born Englishman. This is not a problem to me, although the Nurses and Doctors all think that I should lose some weight, so I try and do so at every opportunity. I do Yoga when I am able, I do fencing most weeks and raise a sweat there. I am not a musketeer although I can think of myself as being deft of foot and fast of thought.

Now I believe that I have known myself several times in my present life, and with that knowing has come knowledge and wisdom. Some might not think that I have this in me, as I often reflect what is given me and therefore respect begat respect, humour – humour, banter – banter etc. I shy away from conflict, although I am able to absorb some in my direction, although deflecting conflict is more in my nature, wearing my psychic armour. Knowing oneself is not always a plentiful journey, and sometimes you find yourself alone amongst the 7 billion other occupants of this human planet. However, being alone does not mean that you are alone. It is often the weight of acceptance that you feel, something beyond which you can touch, something that is felt and something far more valuable than material wealth. It is one’s purpose to find these moments of knowing and learn, study, grow in stature and then set forth in life with new found vigour.

So who is the hero in this story? Well, the reader, the one that understands and has walked in these shoes. One could say that these shoes have trod the fires of hell and come back to the source to tell the tale. Enough of religion it has civilised us and uncivilised us in the same breath. What else is there then? Ha Ha Technology. A futuristic concept. Not the historic mess of the past. I am a practitioner of Technology and therefore a hero of the future visiting in the present to let all know that the future is safe in the hands of the binary machine.

All for now. And all for one.

David A. Robertson


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