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Glam Chowder

20 August 2019
Glam Chowder

Clam darling, not Clapham.

No sign of a BB gun as I stood at the bar,


For what?

A pint!

5 minutes I waited without another punter in sight,


Barman arrived,

I pointed and touched the pump I wanted,

He turned and pulled from the corner pump,

The lonely pump on its own,

Why not from the one I touched?

Later I talked the hind leg off a donkey,

The Mancunian I had met once before,

Stood next a woman I saw,

Clam chowder he exclaimed,

And would not let it rest,

Over and over the same words he spake,


On Dana's ? birthday I,

Kissed the woman I saw on the cheek,

Said something like, "I shall talk with you next time",

And left to the left for my car and journey home,

Beccles Huh?


David A Robertson / penned 20/08/2019


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