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Hello to pay

09 October 2020
Hello to pay

If Hell were real

So, if the Universe was female,

There would be no war,

Because who would fight?

The answer is quite simple,

The animals and dumb beasts would fight             ,

We shall call them men,

Why did it take me time to arise to this answer?

Which was quite simple,

Why would the dumb beasts and animals fight?

Because they had made the world and thought it was theirs,

The Universe was infected by men,

So, war reigned supreme,

Like a Judge of things,


If the Universe was female would peace come?


So, give them a chance, to show us.

Between the time of war and peace there shall be Hell to pay,

If Hell is not paid it shall consume us all,

If Hell were real then some would quail,

Perhaps it is all made up by the poet?

Then if you think that you are all fools.


David A Robertson 09.10.2020


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