Photography, and the reasoning behind it!

Photography presentation 07.03.2016 - Theme = Peace
Peace, Love, Rock

1. Peace, Love, Rock.

The story behind this photo is not complex. The mechanics of it involved driving along spotting the name of the street and getting out to take the photo. Several surreal things occurred as I got out of my car. A moped came round the corner with two lads on it and no helmet to be seen. Followed shortly by a white Van whom I thought was keeping an eye on them to make sure they came to no harm. I approached the sign with my camera and took one shot. I was remembering an interview on the BBC a while ago where they were interviewing the Eagles of Death Metal. At the end of the interview a voice with little emotion, and no inflexion said simply, “Peace, Love, Rock”.

2. So, as I drove round Nottingham waiting for my meeting with my accountant I found myself at the pub that you cannot see in this picture. Where there was a Tree. So, I snapped the tree, metaphorically, you understand. Little did I know, however, that this was the pub we were destined for later that night. In our meeting in the pub peace was made between myself and his immediate family whom I had visited many years before.

Later on peace, no (body) leaves
A Cormorant stretch of river

3. A Cormorant stretch of river is peaceful because they are no longer persecuted to prevent fish stocks from being depleted. The stretch of river that this one was perched above was as peaceful as the rest of the trip.

4. So this photo should be self-explanatory. It shows a sunset over some chimney breasts. The Sunset is the end light of the day so makes for a peaceful feeling as the day wears thin and night begins to take over.

Rays of peaceful end light
Dolly at peace with a ball

5. So my old Dog Dolly never let a ball alone and would chew and chew and chew. So to see her lying peacefully next to the Ball is of great comfort and exudes a feeling of contentment and peace-ability.

Photography presentation 21.03.2016 - Theme = Curves and Lines
So this is Jenga. Plenty of lines here. And the bucket illustrates some curves.
The cables are lines and the curve of the wheel is unmistakable.
A rainbow over the village I live in shows a curve and the lines of the telephone wires are thus.
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Photographer of the Year (NDPC) 17.10.2016 - Food for thought
NDPC Practical 2 / 17/18
Some night colour in Norwich.
Cosmo Hardy of the Mahattma's (A Norwich band) gave me this photo idea.
A tall lit up street photo. I used to walk down this street to go to Subway a lot when I worked in Norwich.
OK some shoes made this shot possible.
Is he?
St Peter Mancroft church.
Dimly lit swan.