About me

In the roundtrip of life knowledge and honesty gets you complete

Iā€™m David Andrew Robertson
HK dave
Cheesy Chilli Chocky Dave

I am a computer programmer, poet, learning musician.
These are all a disciplined route to suppressing my instincts as a human.

About me

As David Andrew Robertson, I travel in cyberspace to find new ideas.

These ideas are used to navigate the route we should take as a world. I then negotiate the route with as many different people as possible so we are all agreed in a common direction.

Quite a lot to do for one person, however, with the rise of the dub dub dub (www) we have a mechanism for communication which we may as well use for the good of humanity as a whole.

Shadelan Dolly Mixture ā€“ Hear me Roar

She >was< my best friend. I have another now. šŸ™‚ And many others of varying degrees.

The music on Dolly and Henry go down the lane is by Nick Walters and a band called Pie in the Sky. He is a friend from my first degree @UEA and currently resides in Kagoshima Ken, Japan. See his current band on bandcamp 2 Magenetic East (2ME).